Open Multi-Car Transport

Open Multi-Car Transport

Open auto transport is a form of shipment used by many vehicle manufacturers and dealers throughout the country. These double decker, framed trailers can be seen along any major highway across the United States hauling shiny new vehicles to dealer lots around the country.

What is Open and Enclosed Car Shipping?

Whether we are a private individual that only needs one or two cars shipped or a car dealer that is shipping a lot of vehicles there are a variety of ways that these cars can ship. There is an open and enclosed car shipping that is available to us today.

If one is shipping an exotic car, expensive car, or a classic car these cars can be quite expensive. If that is the case one would probably lean more towards an enclosed car shipping service. When one uses an enclosed car shipping service the vehicle is completely enclosed into the trailer. This means that debris from the roadway, bugs, or even flying debris from other vehicles will not harm the car as it is completely enclosed. This service is great is one is only shipping one or two vehicles.

Since enclosed shipping can be more expensive, most people or companies that ship a lot of cars tend to use the Open Trailer Auto Transport. It is more economical and can be used for Multi-Car Shipping.

Most of the car dealers today are constantly shipping vehicles from one dealership to another. This is especially true if one is looking for a specific car. Say a buyer comes into the dealership and likes a specific car. They find the car that the buyer likes on the lot, however, he or she likes a different color or wants a manual transmission instead of an automatic transmission. The salesperson at the dealership goes to the computer and finds the exact car that the buyer wants in the next town or the next state. The dealership would use an open auto transport service to transport that vehicle from the other dealership to their dealership. The customer would be able to come to pick up the vehicle at the dealership that is closest to them instead of having to go to the other dealership where they found the car. If that dealership is out of state it could be very inconvenient for the customer.

Of course every year each car manufacturer comes out with new models. The manufacturer has to get these new models to every dealership that sells their brand of vehicle. When the models are sent from the factory to the dealerships they would use a multi-car trailer to transport these vehicles from the factory to the dealerships. This is also true of the dealership is very successful at selling cars, and needs more vehicles as they sell the ones that they have. Each dealership is always fully stocked and get vehicles on a regular basis from the factory.

This is true not only for car dealerships but for individual companies as well. If a company is involved in a service where a fleet of cars is needed and they moved to another location, they would need a vehicle shipping Sacramento to ship their cars to those new locations. Of course, private companies that do carry fleet vehicles would also need to replenish them as the older ones wear out and they need new ones to replace the old ones. The company that makes that specific car that they use would have to deliver the cars to them. Using an open car shipping option is an economical way to do that.

So, open car shipping is more economical. One can use this method to transport a large number of cars at the same time. Enclosed car shipping is more used when the protection of the car is important. Usually, with this method only one or two cars are transported at one time. Racecar drivers use the enclosed car shipping to protect their car while traveling to different races.

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